Base Url


Parameter Mandatory Description Example
qualified_id the identifier and qualifier of the hotel/portal
id the id of the requested widget (please consult the registered widgets for a full list)
api_key the API Key for which the requested widget is to be delivered


If the requested format is json, then an access_token, set of allowed widget IDs and a set of JS sources are returned. If the requested format is javascript (.js) then the delivery framework with the access token, allowed widget IDs and JS sources is returned. Below is an example of the json response

{'access_token':'DnO5gbrpprL%2B41ga%2FcAvnYFfCdX4WCTNkiqf6gvWHb5M2zZYqZmTl2RQTdUN%0Adagjff9F5ikCP9COggVk%2BKsprg%3D%3D', 'widget_ids':['1','2']', 'js':['src1.js','src2.js']}